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Privacy Policy:

Greenpoint Equity. takes the privacy of those who visit our web site seriously. Our web site does not automatically collect any personally identifiable information from users or their computers.  If a visitor voluntarily submits any personally identifiable information, such as by sending an email or filling out a form on the web site, this information will only be used to respond to the visitor's message and provide the information sought.

Our web site uses "cookies" to track users' browsing sessions. Visitors may set their browsers to refuse or disable cookies, but the web site may not display properly.  No cookies are used to collect personally identifiable information.

Our web servers may automatically collect information that is not personally identifiable to users.  This information is collected to track aggregate site usage habits, and may include IP addresses, cookie information, page visitation, and browser settings.

Greenpoint Equity does not sell or share any information with third parties, whether automatically collected or voluntarily submitted by visitors, whether personally identifiable or generic.

Our web site may contain links to external web sites, including private companies and news organizations.  When a visitor clicks on a link to an external web site, there is no warning that the visitor is leaving the Greenpoint Equity makes no representations as to the information or terms of use of other web sites that our web site may link to.  Our Web Site Privacy Policy does not apply to other web sites.

Terms & Conditions:

The information on Greenpoint Equity web site is provided "as is," and Greenpoint Equity makes no general warranties or guarantees, express or implied, as to its accuracy, currency, completeness, or use.  We make every effort to verify that information about our mortgage products is indeed complete, but we are not responsible for any errors, omissions, or out-of-date information.  We are not responsible for any decisions that visitors may make based upon the information on our web site. Usage or visitation of our web site, including any email submissions or form population, does not constitute a part or portion of any contract that may ultimately be entered into between Greenpoint Equity and any party.

Effective Date:

The effective date of this Privacy Statement is February 20, 2015. We reserve the right to amend the terms of this Privacy Statement from time to time

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